Is Pakistan a Peaceful Country? Importance of Peace

By: Zarar Ahmed

Date: 26/07/2022

Importance of Peace Is Pakistan a Peaceful Country

“Peace is not the absence of war, peace is a virtue, an attitude, tendency to good, trust, and justice’’

Importance of Peace:

Everyone wants luxuries, wealth, and an elite lifestyle. But to achieve all these luxuries we have to pay a price – our burned skin, wrinkled eyes, rough hands, and our depression. In the endless race of money, we are losing our health, for the sake of wealth. Peace and mental health are the more crucial than anything else. Peace encourages us to embrace differences and give each other our greatest support, enhancing our communities and individual lives.

Do you think, that people who are not able to think peacefully, sleep soundly, and speak fearlessly have any value for money? Can they buy peace and comfort with their wealth? Peace is not only about upholding human dignity and sacrificing for others but it is a combination of inner, social, and environmental peace.

Is there any Peace in Our Lives?

Pakistan is the country where either we can bring peace to our lives or we can earn money. But earning our livelihood in a country like Pakistan means putting your mental and physical health at the risk. People are more scared about what will happen to their family if they don’t find a job today and how they will face their little children who are waiting for a piece of bread than they are of dying in a suicide bombing or being shot by some gangsters on their way to work. At this stage, people became more anxious about their living rather than their mental health and peace. 

How Can We Make a Peaceful Society?

Since our country is not so developed, we cannot enjoy the facilities that other developed countries have. But still, we have something which can bring a change in our society. Our youth is a real change-maker. Living in a country with high birthrate and large number of youngsters, only youth can bring a positive change to our country. Leaders from the youth are the ones who can lead us to the path of peace and harmony. We accept that we cannot help everyone but we should also accept that everyone can help someone. Helping others and making their lives easier is the only way to bring a sense of peace to our lives because we can’t tolerate any more fathers killing their children because of poverty, we can’t bear anyone taking sleeping pills because of violence and extremism in societies and we really don’t want anyone to die only because of our negligence.

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